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Vitiligo White Patches On Armpit


One more research carried out on the age factor and found that most of the vitiligo found before age 40 should need to consult with the Doctor for the confirmation of his or her skin disorder. One can not rule out that the inheritance is also one of the main factor that can be developed during these age. White patches can occur on the scalp, eye brows, eye lashes, hair turning to gray color, a loss of color inside the mouth, cheeks, circle around the areas of eye one can see as he/she is wearing glasses. These abnormalities can be caused due to many conditions such as physical or psychological stress, severe sun burn, surgery, pregnancy or chemical reaction.


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I am Sara Paul, student of age 19 years old and I have been suffering from leucoderma since I was 10 years old. I was quite worried about these white patches on my skin. Initially it was thought that the patches were temporary and due to a deficiency of some mineral but with time the patches started to increase and became really obvious. Then I decided to go to a doctor, took out all the medical details, used bundles and bundles of medicines but nothing certainly worked. I also went for homeopathic treatments and they gave me couple of medicines, which started having negative impacts on my skin and my skin started getting worst. I was so worried that I always used to keep thinking about it and could not concentrate on anything else and my school friends used to make fun of my white patches. They used to stay away from me because they did not wan to hang around with someone who was contaminated and had unhealthy skin.
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